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Agartha: Is this subterranean civilization described in ancient texts real?

Agartha is a legendary city said to exist underground in numerous locations around the world. Many believe it’s home to an advanced race of humans known as “the agarthans” or “ancients.” In some versions of the myth, these people are thought to be the original inhabitants of Earth who fled underground to escape either natural disaster or hostile surface-dwellers.

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Agartha is sometimes referred to as Shambhala, which is a similar hidden city that is home to enlightened inhabitants and protected by ferocious beasts called “doldrums.” In Buddhist teachings, Shambhala is also another name for the northern Indian sacred city of Varanasi, which is one of the world’s oldest continually inhabited cities.

If you have ever read about Agartha before, you might be surprised to learn that there are many real places on Earth with names eerily similar: Agharti (Armenia), Agadsir ( Morocco), and Agar (Russia).

The presence of such a majestic place seems so bizarre that many people think it must be some sort of fiction. However, there are many indications that point to this being more than just an urban legend.

Agartha – the mysterious subterranean civilization

There are numerous tales throughout different cultures of tunnels and subterranean communities beneath the surface of the Earth. Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder even spoke of those who escaped Atlantis’ demise by fleeing to the Earth’s core.

While this underworld has many names, Agartha (or Agharti) is a place where all four corners of the world are connected by paths and tunnels. Some Agartha believers even argue that another world exists beneath us and serves to counterbalance our energy.

While we live in a state of heightened emotions, violence, and over-the-top ideology, this world crawling under the ground is, simply put, flipside. But in some religions, Agartha is believed to be a land crawling with demons and monsters.

People who believe in Agartha’s existence are often called “Hollow-Earthers” for their belief that some parts of the Earth’s elusive inner core is actually a thriving civilization and not a solid iron ball like scientists believe.

The Hollow Earth Map By Max Fyfield
The Hollow Earth Map By Max Fyfield © Tom Wigley | Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

They believe that there is a secret entrance into Agartha that is hidden in the Gobi Desert. It is said that Agarthans themselves built this entrance with such advanced technology that surface humans would not be able to detect it.

Inside Agartha are several cities, the capital city being Shambala. There is a smoky “central sun” in the middle that provides light and life to Agarthans. French occultist Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre claimed that this world’s potential could only be unlocked “when the anarchy of our world is replaced by synarchy” (harmonious rule).

A mysterious satellite image published by ESSA

Hollow earth
ESSA-7 satellite image shows giant hole on the North pole © Public Domain

In 1970, United States’ Environmental Science Service Administration (ESSA) published satellite images of the North Pole, where one picture showed a perfect rounded hole over the Arctic. This sparked the conspiracy theorists to believe in the existence of underground civilizations. The underground world is sometimes associated with “Agartha.”

Agartha in the accounts of Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd

Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr. in flight jacket, 1920s
Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr. in flight jacket, 1920s © Image Source: Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd allegedly wrote his encounter with a lost civilization during an expedition to North and South Poles. According to his secret entry, he met the ancient race underground and witnessed a huge base with animals and plants previously thought to have been extinct. The animals he saw included Mammoth-like creatures.

According to an alleged diary entry written during his polar flight, Byrd came across a warm, lush climate with Mammoth-like creatures and an ancient human race that had been residing within the Earth.

His plane was commandeered mid-air and landed for him by people in the center of the Earth who intercepted his plane with saucer-shaped aircraft. Upon landing, he was met by emissaries of a civilization many assume to be the mythical Agartha. These alleged Agarthans expressed their concern about humanity’s use of atomic bombs during WWII and employed Byrd as their ambassador to return to the US government and relay their sentiment.

He noted that he was ordered to remain silent on what he had witnessed during the Arctic assignment by the government. Admiral Byrd wrote in his diary on March 11, 1947:

“I have just attended a Staff Meeting at the Pentagon. I have stated fully my discovery and the message from the Master. All is duly recorded. The President has been advised. I am now detained for several hours (six hours, thirty-nine minutes, to be exact.) I am interviewed intently by Top Security Forces and a Medical Team. It was an ordeal!!!! I am placed under strict control via the National Security provisions of this United States of America. I am ordered to remain silent in regard to all that I have learned, on the behalf of humanity!!! Incredible! I am reminded that I am a Military Man and I must obey orders.”

The striking issue regarding the validity of this diary entry is that it is dated February-March 1947. If it is to be believed this story covers Byrd’s inaugural flight over the North Pole, then one need only look at the actual date when he achieved this feat more than 20 years earlier on May 9, 1926.

In fact, upon further inspection, it appears Byrd probably didn’t quite reach the North Pole and instead fabricated his navigation records, poaching credit from another team that actually set the record a few days later.

But what makes this entry so intriguing is that, if it is real, could it have potentially been misconstrued from a later mission to Antarctica? Is it actually referring to the notorious “Operation Highjump”?

Highjump was one of the largest operations ever conducted in Antarctica with over 4,000 men sent to study, map, and reside on the continent for eight months. The expedition included 13 Navy support ships, an aircraft carrier, helicopters, flying boats, and an array of more traditional aircraft.

This expedition, as well as the subsequent “Operation Deep Freeze” eight years later, established an American military presence on Antarctica, which is prohibited today. So why, exactly, was there such a rush to facilitate this occupation?

Nazis’ connections with Agartha!

There is ample evidence the Nazis spent a lot of resources searching for Agartha as a last resort for Hitler to escape in case of dire emergency, somewhat warranting these conspiracies. In fact, the most common diagram of Agartha was drawn by a German scientist in 1935.

Was Agartha connected to ancient cultures?

Agartha portal to hell
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Almost every ancient culture has a story or allusion to the inner realms of Earth, as well as civilizations or people in the center of the Earth. There are closer depictions of Agartha described by some cultures with related cities and passageways to get there.

In Tibetan Buddhism, there is the secret, mystical city of Shambhala located somewhere deep in the Himalayas that many have searched for, including Russian mystic Nicholas Roerich, though no one is known to have found it. Some believe Shambhala could potentially be connected to Agartha.

A cross-sectional drawing of the planet Earth showing the "Interior World" of Atvatabar, from William R. Bradshaw
A cross-sectional drawing of the planet Earth showing the “Interior World” of Atvatabar, from William R. Bradshaw’s 1892 science-fiction novel The Goddess of Atvatabar © Wikimedia Commons

In Hindu and Celtic lore — which some believe shared an ancient connection through a lost antediluvian city — there are caves and underground entrances to sub-terrestrial worlds. Some have connected the Hindu land of Āryāvarta, or “abode of the excellent ones,” a land ruled by a supernal race thousands of years before the great war laid out in the Mahabharata.

Many believe this ancient race to be of the same lineage as the ancient civilizations from Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu that were wiped out by war and cataclysmic events, driving them underground to Agartha.

There is another underworld in the Hindu Mahabharata known as ‘Patala’ that others point to, as it shares many similarities with depictions of a subterranean world, though it is said they are at war with the Agarthans.

Patala is the seventh layer of the underworld in Hindu scriptures and is ruled by the “nagas”, a half-human, half-reptilian species who are depicted with jeweled hoods that light their realm. The Naga are a highly advanced race with cutting-edge technology. Occasionally they are said to abduct, torture and kill humans, though other accounts refer to them as having a positive impact on Earthly events.

Final words

What is Agartha? This question has been asked by many people throughout the years and there are many different theories about this mysterious, subterranean civilization. Most of them have to do with a New Age philosophy and focus on spiritual concepts and unity. But what if real?

Agartha is a land that archaic texts portray as the final resting place of the souls of those who have committed great sins. The texts describe it as a land where the gods live, where the “doctors of the soul” are said to protect this land from the demons. This is also the land where the ancient Aryans came for enlightenment and where they received their “knowledge”. It is said to be the place where the inner wisdom of the ancients can be found.

Agarthans are people who have devoted their lives to learning the secrets of the Universe and who can help us to resolve our personal problems and find inner peace and harmony. In order to reach the place of light, it is said that the path is very long, hard and costly. Hence, many people choose to remain in the world they are familiar with while they attain this goal.

Perhaps we may never know everything about Agartha, but there are certainly indications that lead us to believe that the mysterious civilization of Agartha might not be entirely fictional after all.