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Is there a secret underground alien base in Dulce, New Mexico?

There is a top-secret military Air Force base built under Mount Archuleta, a mesa, northwest of the town of Dulce, New Mexico. Many claim this military base has, since as early as 1969, been conducting genetic research of a horrific nature.

The town of Dulce risk
Mysterious Dulce ‘UFO base’ where conspiracy theorists claim 60 US troops were killed by aliens in secret war © Image Credit: Center for Land Use Interpretation (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

The area around the town is notorious for cattle mutilations, and many of the residents, and conspiracy theorists, believe that extra-terrestrials are frequently present in the area for a very frightening reason. They are working in cooperation with the US government to create a race of hybrid human-animal monsters, for use as weapons in war. This raises the question, are they also being employed in Iraq or Afghanistan? No sightings have been published.

But the livestock known to have been mutilated since the early 1970s are primarily cows, bulls, and horses. This means that the underground facility is perhaps creating centaurs, minotaurs, and possibly other hybrids. But based on the state of the cattle carcasses that have been found on the sides of highways, and in fields, over the years, these hybrids must be monstrously horrible, gory, stitched together like something out of “Frankenstein.”

Gabe Valdez, a former New Mexico State Police trooper, claimed to find a mutilated cow with a strange creature inside
Gabe Valdez, a former New Mexico State Police trooper, claimed to find a mutilated cow with a strange creature inside © Image Credit: Gabriel Valdez

The theory states that the base has several levels. No one knows how many, but either the 6th or 7th level is where the very worst, freakish experiments in genetic manipulation and mutation are carried out, primarily by the aliens, as the humans are in charge of the upper half or so of the base. This extra-terrestrial-controlled level is nicknamed “Nightmare Hall.”

According to theorists, the whole base was initiated by the CIA, first as an investigation into the UFO sightings so prevalent in the area. When the CIA discovered that intelligent extraterrestrial beings are really here, and mutilating cattle to study them, the CIA brokered a treaty of some sort between the beings and government, whereby they will work together in peace and learn from each other, at the expense of the poor cattle, and whatever humans are caught up as guinea pigs. The theory claims these are most likely people who will not be missed: vagabonds, street scum, homeless children, etc.

There are plenty of witness accounts and photographs documenting strange lights in the night sky around Dulce, as well as many daytime sightings of the infamous “Black Helicopters” swarming around Mount Archuleta.

Unmarked black helicopters have been described in conspiracy theories since the 1970s
Unmarked black helicopters have been described in conspiracy theories since the 1970s © Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

The theory dates from the 1980s, and a single source, Paul Bennewitz, who claimed to work at the base as a physicist, until he discovered the horrors of Nightmare Hall. He then resigned, and the CIA did not brainwash him, evidently expecting that no one would believe such a frenetic story. Bennewitz died in 2005. Theorists claim he was quietly assassinated.

It is a fact, however, that the CIA and Air Force conducted an elaborate smear campaign to discredit Bennewitz as a deranged lunatic, and they forced him to go to mental hospitals at least three times. This seems to imply that they are apprehensive about what Bennewitz had to say.

In the late 1980s, Bennewitz provided aerial photographs to New Mexican newspapers of what he claimed was an alien aircraft that crashed near the alleged Dulce Base. An alien craft was never found at the suspected crash site.

Investigators did find evidence that something crashed in the area, but they were never able, or never chose, to confirm the story by Bennewitz. The photos he took have notes attached to them in his handwriting, claiming that certain objects in the photos are extra-terrestrial beings, and aircraft wreckage. These objects are difficult to view and do not provide enough detail to verify or deny the story.