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The mysterious ‘Giant of Kandahar’ allegedly killed by US special forces in Afghanistan

There is something about the human mind that loves strange and mysterious legends. Especially those that involve monsters, giants, and other things that go bump in the night. Throughout history there have been many tales told of strange and scary creatures lurking in isolated places around the world. But what if it were all true?

The mysterious
Illustration of a giant in the forest. © Shutterstock

There are countless stories of monsters from mythology, fairy tales, and local folklore from nearly every culture on earth. In almost every case these beings are exaggerated versions of a human; larger than life with unnatural abilities or attributes about them that set them apart from typical men or women.

Or so we think, what if these myths weren’t just stories but real accounts of actual encounters with strange beings? There have been numerous reports over the years of giant humans roaming remote regions of the world – some even claim to have seen one with their own eyes.

The 1980s was a period when the world was gripped by fear of nuclear war. The outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war and the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan all added to the sense that Armageddon could be just around the corner. At this time, there was a strange giant who was said to have lived in a remote region of Kandahar.

Stephen Quayle told this story on the popular American paranormal radio station “Coast to Coast” in 2002. For over thirty years, he has been investigating ancient civilizations, giants, UFOs and biological warfare. According to Quayle, the US government classified the entire incident and kept it hidden from the public for a long time.

So it all started when a detachment of American soldiers did not return from a mission one day during the US military operation in Afghanistan. They attempted to contact them via radio, but no one responded.

In response, a Special Operations Task Force was sent into the desert with the task of finding and recovering the missing unit. It was assumed that the detachment could fall into a siege, and the soldiers were killed or captured by the enemy.

Arriving in the area where the missing detachment had left, the soldiers began to inspect the area and soon came across the entrance to a large cave. Some things were lying at the entrance to the cave, which, upon closer inspection, turned out to be the weapons and equipment of the missing detachment.

The mysterious
Kandahar City pictured in 2015 with mountains rising to the north. © Wikimedia Commons

The group was cautiously looking around the entrance to the cave, when suddenly a gigantic person jumped out, taller than two ordinary people stacked on top of each other.

It was definitely a man with a tousled, shaggy red beard and red hair. He screamed in rage and rushed at the soldiers with his fists. The same retreated and began to shoot the giant with their 50 BMG Barrett rifles.

Even with such massive firepower, it took the entire squad a full 30 seconds of continuous shelling of the giant to finally knock him to the ground.

After the giant was killed, the SWAT team searched the inside of the cave and found the bodies of the men from the missing squad, gnawed to the bone, as well as older human bones. The soldiers came to the conclusion that this man-eating giant had been living in this cave for a long time, devouring people passing by.

As for the giant’s body, it weighed at least 500 kg and was then airlifted to the local military base, and then sent to a larger aircraft, and no one else saw or heard from him.

When the SWAT soldiers returned to the States, they were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements and the entire incident was listed as classified.

Skeptics have dismissed this story as fabricated and a mere hoax. In response, many people asked what kind of self-interest do they have, in this particular story, if they lied. While others have suggested, it is possible that these were mass hallucinations as a result of exposure to harmful radiation, affecting the minds of soldiers, or their consciousness.