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The Screaming Tunnel – Once it soaked someone’s death pain in its walls!

Not too far from downtown Buffalo, New York is the Screaming Tunnel. It was a train tunnel built for the Grand Trunk Railway near Niagara Falls just off Warner Road, Ontario, in the 1800s. It’s like any other tunnel, but the century-old ghost story that accompanies the bridge is somewhat bone-chilling and tragic at the same time.

The Screaming Tunnel - Once it soaked someone
Screaming Tunnel, Near Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Haunting Of The Screaming Tunnel:

The bridge is allegedly the site where a young girl ran to while on fire after her nearby farm caught fire. She is said to have collapsed right in the middle of the tunnel where she met her horrible death. The scream of her death pain remains on its walls. The pain of burning alive!

The Screaming Tunnel - Once it soaked someone

The girl’s spirit is said to still haunt the tunnel, which is truly creepy to look at, and it is said that if a wooden match is lit off the tunnel wall around midnight you can hear her terrific scream.

Another Legend Of The Screaming Tunnel:

The Screaming Tunnel - Once it soaked someone

The far end of the tunnel leads into a pathway through woods. Along this path existed a small cluster of homes. Everyone knew everyone else’s business, including that of a distraught couple with an alcoholic father, his abused wife and their daughter. After he got violent one too many times, the wife got up to leave him.

He went into a rage. “She’s my daughter too!” The father knocked his wife unconscious and the little girl ran. She stumbled into the tunnel and crouched in the darkness before hearing her father approach. Just his breath, then a snap and cold liquid poured down on her. A small match lit up and tossed to the ground. Her screams give the tunnel its name. A disturbing legend for a disturbing place.

Is This The Real History Behind The Screaming Tunnel?

According to a local historian, there was a woman who once lived in one of those houses behind the Screaming Tunnel. The neighbours didn’t like her. She acted crazy. The woman fought with her husband all the time.

Every time, she calmly walked out of the house and disappeared into the tunnel. Couple of seconds later a horrible scream could be heard. The first time it happened the neighbours were scared. After a while it became normal. It is said that she walked to the middle and screamed at the top of her lungs.

They believed the wife wanted everyone to feel her suffering. To know her husband was impossible. After a while the residents gave the tunnel a nickname… they called it a “Screaming Tunnel.”

Here’s Where Is Located The Screaming Tunnel On Google Maps: